WU – Combat (for Self-Defense)
SHU – Art (as Art)

Wu Shu is the oldest fight and Self-Defense sport of the earth, also the most utter because it is afflicted with natural meditation. It is also the most historical because it is without start and end. Wu Shu is versatile so that it is practices from many people only from health or artistic-aesthetic reasons. Wu Shu serves harmony between body and mind and is for the improvement of one’s character, e.g. the consolidation of the will and the strengthening of learning motivation.

Wu Shu encompasses the entire hygienics. By a varied gymnastic program, special breath control and concentration exercises the general wellbeing is essentially strengthened.

Wu Shu is a human- and animal-oriented science that rests upon the intelligence and language of the human being, upon malleability, reflexes, reactions of various animal species.

Both principal directions of Wu Shu that differ severely in their movement type are South Shaolin (Nan Quan) and North Shaolin (Chang Quan).

The Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Art) that was taught from grand master Chen Shi Hong constitutes a synthesis from the North and South Shaolin styles.

Wu Shu disciplines include sequences of considered strung together actions of fight, i.e. forms of attacks and Self-Defense, which are constituted with and without weapons (stick, sword, saber, etc.). From observation of fights of animals, between animals, human with animal, and between humans, there were developed various movements and attack techniques.