„Terms and Conditions“

§1 Membership

Every applicant for a membership joins the Academy of Martial Arts Graz as an associate member by signing the membership contract including the Terms and Conditions and the school regulations. The choice and also refusal of members rests with the Academy of Martial Arts Graz. The refusal of a membership requires no justification.

§2 Changes of the membership fee / units / charge by the Academy of Martial Arts Graz

The monthly membership fee, which is defined for an individual member, is subject of index adjustment. The amount and/or the time of offered units in the time table is subject to modifications by the Academy of Martial Arts Graz. Because of these a member is not entitled to an early termination of the contract.

The head of the institution is for members to assess the advancement to the next level (switch from the Children Class to the Youth Class or from the Youth Class to the Adults Class).
By meeting the requirements a member can change the class whereby the fees are determined by the particular class rate. The advancement to next class happens at one’s own request and is no reason for extraordinary termination.

Rates can also change, as well as the general offering for intensive classes, small groups, seminars, private lessons and all other offered services by the association. These changes are no justifications for an early termination of the contract.

§3 Tariff alternation

Tariff alternation is only possible monthly by the current tariff prices and has to be declared by writing at least one week before the end of the month. During the 3-month notice period it is not possible to change to a cheaper tariff.

§4 Off-training period

The Academy of Martial Arts Graz is closed three months in summer and two weeks around Christmas. No training takes place during this time. The exact dates will be announced in the Academy. On holidays there is also no training. In case of internal measures or a trainer’s advanced education the Academy of Martial Arts Graz reserves the right to close the school for a short, temporary period of time. Off-training periods are already considered in the monthly fee and so cannot be converted to a credit note or payment. The membership fees are also due in the off-training period. The Children and Youth Class take place per semester during school days. The training is omitted on off-school days.

§5 Termination

The termination has to take place exclusively in written form, at the end of the month. The notice period is 3 months. The notice period for the Children and Youth Class is one month before the end of a semester. If there is no termination of the contract, the course extends for another semester after a written notification. If the termination is within the current semester, the following applies: The termination is exclusively in writing, at the end of the month. The notice period is 3 months.

§6 Contract termination for an important reason

The contractual relationship can be terminated anytime for an important reason by the Academy of Martial Arts Graz. Especially, if a member is behind with payment of his/her membership fee for more than a month, despite having been reminded and given a reasonable grace period. The obligation to pay the due membership fee persists. Furthermore, the contractual relationship can be terminated anytime because of an violation of the individual items of the Academy regulations by a member or dishonorable behavior in- and outside the Academy.

§7 Disclaimer

Taking part in training at the Academy of Martial Arts Graz is at one’s own risk. This includes all typical risks for Martial Arts. The disclaimer of liability covers slightly negligent actions of trainers, assistant trainers and training supervisors. Damages that occur because of self-inflicted injury or at most injury by third parties can neither be claimed from the Academy of Martial Arts Graz nor trainers, assistant trainers or training supervisors. The abrasion of training equipment like sticks, claws, etc. can also not be claimed as damage. Every member is individually liable for intentional or negligent damage of the facility/equipment of the Academy. The member has to bear the resulting damage.

§8 Reservation

All techniques, which are learned in the Academy of Martial Arts Graz, are only intended for a case of emergency and should exclusively be used in such a case.

§9 Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Graz for all disputes that are caused by the contract, the terms and conditions or the Academy regulations.

§10 Delivery

The delivery of documents, in written, as well as electronic form, is made to the specified address provided by the member. A change in address has to be communicated immediately. Otherwise the delivery to the last-named address is duly.

§11 Announcement

The Terms and Conditions of the Academy of Martial Arts Graz, as well as the association’s Academy regulations are available for everyone at a publicly accessible place. These are pointed out to the member at the signing of the contract, by signing the membership contract he/she takes note and agrees on them.


§12 Absence times

It should be noted that, the provision of absence time is a free service of the Acadamy of Martial Arts Graz, and therefore there is no legal claim to it. Furthermore there is no right to consume the absence time in money. Absence time results from the absence of at least one week. The absence of single days does not lead to it! The times have to be registered in advance with the application form which can be found in the Academy. Belated applications can not be accepted. Only during the first day of illnes a application through e-mail is allowed. Per calender year no more than 2 month of absence time can be consumed. Once gathering 5 weeks of absence time, 1 month is credited. Please note that during the notice period no absence time araises.