After hundreds of years sleeping this form of Martial Arts finds adherents again. Martial Arts schools check sources from the 15th and 16th century (drawings, descriptions) for their applicability in modern Martial Arts. Besides concepts for exhibition fights also systematic output stages get elaborated, with graduation of a master degree.

Besides the art of sword fighting there are also elements of the one-hand-sword, the dagger, wrestling and various grabbing techniques in the concept. The education arranges in basic knowledge and practice.

Basic Knowledge

  • The sword, weapon expertise
  • Equipment, safety
  • History of Medieval sword fight
  • Basics of fighting techniques (Scale, stance, footwork, hitting technique, defense)


  • Stance, footwork, scale, attack and defense techniques, attack and counterattack
  • In the workout the techniques are practice, tested and continuously widened in groups of two


Warfare is the use of various troops battle, considering many rules. Thereby components like economical and political conditions, but also the proper preparation of troops for the battle, tactics, education level and the available technology play an important role. (; 11/29/2010.)

According to Antoine-Henri Jomini’s book „Abriss der Kriegskunst“ belongs to the general term study of war that falls in the purely military division to strategy, higher tactics, logistics, art of engineering and lower tactics, also the politics of war. The politics of war are indispensable for the commander-in-chief and have influences of all combinations that determine a war.

Thus results into the different parts warfare is set together with:

  • The politics of war,
  • the strategy or art of leading masses to the theater of war,
  • the higher tactics in battles and combats,
  • the logistics and practical application of the art of moving whole armees,
  • the art of engineering, the attack and defense of places and
  • the lower tactics.

Eine weitere Möglichkeit wäre auch der Philosophie oder Moral des Krieges einen eigenen Platz einzuräumen. Laut Jomini erscheint es aber angemessener sie mit der Politik zu vereinigen. (vgl.: Jomini, Antoine-Henri; Abriss der Kriegskunst; Hrsg.: Hauser, Rainer; Hochschulverlag, 2009, in; 29.11.2010.)

Another possibility would be to grant also philosophy and morals of a war some space. According to Jomini it seems more appropriate to unite them with the politics (see Jomini, Antoine-Henri; Abriss der Kriegskunst; Pub.: Hauser, Rainer; Hochschulverlag, 2009, in; 11/29/2010.)

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