Kick Boxing is a Martial Art in which the opponent is attacked with hands and feet. Depending on the country Kick Boxing is exercised hits with the elbow or knee are prohibited (e.g. USA or Australia). Hits and kicks below the belt are generally prohibited in Kick Boxing, but in some Kick Boxing organizations kicks on the thigh are allowed.

The competitive event of Kick Boxing emerged in 1974. Back then it was known under the name of „All Style Karate“, „Sport-Karate“ or „Contact-Karate“. The founders of the international association WASKO (World All Style Karate Organization) – like Mike Anderson, Georg F. Brückner and more – made the regulations for the Martial Art. These regulations should make it possible to measure the sporting competition with other Far Eastern methods of combat like Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, etc.

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