1 training per week€ 34,90 / month
2 trainings per week€ 44,90 / month

unarmed or armed Martial Arts€ 44,90 / month

Self-Defense and Martial Arts€ 54,90 / month
University students and apprentices€ 49,90 / month
Wapon and Ground Fighting€ 12,00 / month
Fitness€ 12,00 / month

Yearly fee for the International Martial Arts Organization:
The annual membership cost contribution is € 42.00 and will be charged monthly in the amount of € 3.50.

Trial month
€ 99,90

Method of payment:

With monthly payment SEPA direct debit / With semiannual payment slip possible.
The monthly fee gets debited by SEPA direct debit on every 1st or 15th of the month.
If you start in the middle of the semester or month: aliquot payment.