„Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.“ (Mahatma Gandhi) 

Trainer education – vocational training – self employment


Trainer education

The trainee program is addressed to those seeking to become active in self-defence and martial arts.

A communicative creature as well as a confident behavior we assume.

We do offer individual training concepts for teaching children, young people, adults and using weapons.

Within our trainee program, we impart the knowledge of technical and theoretical skills by which a successful teaching is possible.



We do offer the following courses:

  • ŸMAS KIDS – Trainee for self-assertion, self-defence & martial arts
  • ŸMAS YOUTH – Trainee for self-assertion, self-defence & martial arts
  • ŸMAS ADULT – Trainee for self-defence
  • ŸMAS ADULT – Trainee for martial arts
  • MAS ADULT – Trainee for weapons

Apprenticeship modules

Each module includes three programmes:

  • KIDS trainer: 2 modules
  • YOUTH trainer: 2 modules
  • Self-defence trainer: 2 modules
  • Martial arts trainer: 2 modules
  • Weapons trainer: 4 modules


Once you have reached the sixth student degree, you are allowed to start with the first module. With the conclusion of the ninth student degree and by taking the exam, you have the possibility to become part of the training team.

Start of the apprenticeship

At any time after fulfilling, the criteria mentioned above. If you have ambitions in this direction, please do not hesitate and speak to us.


Vocational training – self employment

Do you already practice martial arts & self-defence?

Do you want turn your hobby into a career?

You are already a trainer who wants to reach the next level?

You want to lead your very own school soon full or part time?

Then Martial Arts Systematics provides all the necessary apprenticeship, know-how and supports you during the process of establishing of your school.


We provide a pre-designed concept that guarantees its success.

easy- effective – unique


Your benefits

  • In the two years of the basic training in our academy, you will achieve the programs, techniques, strategies, systems and concepts to train adults, youth, children as well as weapon enthusiasts
  • High quality and future orientated vocational training as a basis
  • Receive sport science, scientific training research as well as communications science perspectives
  • Spot how to establish and manage your own school
  • Obtain knowledge in the following fields: customer loyalty, client acquisition and leadership
  • Be part of the knowledge pool and gain access to our marketing tool and advertising material
  • Benefit from the experience of our academy and schools
  • Territorial protection for your school


Go and get your advice!

We are happy to take part in your idea of corporate governance. Contact us anytime for a personal meeting.