„When we raise our children, we should become children with them.“ (Martin Luther)

Our kids‘ mental and physical abilities – „The Screen Generation“ – leave more and more to be desired over the past few years.
Practice with a lot of concentration should give balance for this deficits. Well developed Coenesthesia, i.e. the physical feeling for your own body, should lead to more safeness.
In Austria there are many children with postural deformities, overweight, shortened muscles or problems with their spine. These health issues are often caused by an acute lack of movement. Because of this our motto is: Do sports!!
It s never soon enough to start sporting activities. There are a lot of possibilities in our children and youth class for young people to live out their need for movement in a playful way. They can also gain positive abilities for their everyday life:

  • Equilibrium through compensation of stress and aggression
  • Mental well-being through physical fitness
  • Goals for a disoriented youth
  • Early recognition of conflict situations to mitigate these with rhetoric and body language or prevent these by a self-confident appearance
  • Learning to carefully use someone’s own body intelligence
  • More self-confidence through recognition of someone’s own abilities
  • Increasing ability to concentrate
  • Increased power of concentration and reaction

Children deserve a special attention in our society. Not only because they are the future generation, but also because nothing in this world makes happier than the joy of a child.

We at the academy of Martial Arts Graz believe teaching children is a very special privilege. From this reason we provide a child-friendly training. The age structure of the children as well as the physical capabilities are considered by our training.

Unfortunately, various criminal statistics (cf. Bauer & Höreth, 1999) show that especially children and adolescents are victims of encroachment by adults. A perpetrator usually does search for a victim, not an opponent. This is what we address with our training for self-assertion. A child must not be an easy victim for an adult! The main goal for a child has to be not to be caught and carried away by an adult (cf. Ong Tai Heinrich Pfaff, 2009).

Our Martial Arts system for children is a specifically developed education design which allows children to defend themselves. This system leans on an unique methodology which guarantees two main things:
On the one hand children should develop more self-confidence and poise towards peers and in a case of need give them the possibility to protect themselves.
On the other hand – and this is a key aspect – the system should make children „unassailable“ against encroachments from adults. Often children do not have the physical precondition to stem against the strength of an adult, so an approach for training on child level has to be different. Our children program makes this possible.

Children learn what it means to say „No“, what constellations with strangers are dangerous for them and therefore should be avoided. Furthermore the child gets instructed in a special behavior through an own training methodology. This makes it impossible for an adult to pack, catch or carry away the child in any manner.

The training focuses on discipline and order – practiced playfully and practically. So children learn a specifically for them designed Martial Arts program which allows them to develop physical flexibility and strength and bring balance to sitting in school all day.

A final appeal for the parents:
To convey independence and discipline, we plea you to stay away during your child’s training because children usually behave differently.
But you are very allowed to be convinced by your child’s progress in the final test at the end of the semester.

We reserve the possibility to reject children in order to guarantee an optimal training!

We would be glad to welcome you soon in our academy!