The history of Boxing:

The history of measuring one’s strength with another person is for a certainty as old as mankind itself.

The beginnings of Boxing are reflected in attested fist fights that took place already about 3000 B.C. in Egypt. These served priority for entertainment and spread in the following 2000 years more and more in the Aegean area. Various rules of the Egypt are known that state that it was only allowed to hit the opponent’s head back then. One hand served for hitting, the other to protect the own head.

Even in the records of the 23rd Olympic games of the ancient times one can find hints that fist fights were already exerted. The exact moment and thus the origin of fist fights cannot be determined more precisely, because these fights also showed up in the ancient Rome in the form of gladiator fights, but also in depictions 7000 years ago. More information about the „equipment“ of a boxer (the form of it back then) can be gotten from a bonce statue from the 1st century before Christ. Thereby one can see that the hands of the fist fighter are bound in leather straps.

Furthermore there are records in other cultural areasa that prove the exertion of fist fights, whereby they often were parts of ceremonies.

Boxing today:

In this day and age one understands by the term „Boxing“ a fight between two persons of the same weight class. An exact classification in weight classes appeared initially in the mid-nineteenth century. Another classification besides weight classes happens by categorizing the boxers in amateurs and professionals, distinct from time. In the scope of amateurs a fight takes four rounds from two minutes, for the professionals a round takes three minutes, whereby the number of rounds can be appointed freely. The place of action is the ring that is equipped with an elastic floor and encompassed by ropes.

There are four Boxing assiciations:

  • IBF – International Boxing Federation
  • WBA – World Boxing Association
  • WBC – World Boxing Council
  • WBO – World Boxing Organisation 

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